The principal goal of the Association is and will be to represent its Members as an industry representative body without any limitation and to assure the growth and continued well-being of the industry and of its Members as operators of the Facilities. Without limiting the general nature of the aforementioned goals the Association shall give effect to these goals by:
acting for and on behalf of its Members;
promoting the development of the Facilities on an economic and social system based on the principles of justice, the free market economy, individual entrepreneurship and equal opportunities;
initiating and influencing legislation in the interest of its Members;
acting as representative on behalf of its Members or nomination representatives of Members, to commissions, committees or other institutions in accordance with decisions taken by its Members;
affiliating with relevant international organisations and bodies and representing member organisations in international bodies;
acting through its Members at national and international levels;
communicating and consulting with Members on important international and national affairs which may impact on South African healthcare interests;
educating its Members and acting as a communication hub between its Members in respect of publications, conferences and workshops;
dissemination information to Members of the Association;
facilitating the rendering of medical and nursing care to the general population, which is: Affordable Of superior standard Fair and equal Accessible Cost effective;
taking an active part in the promotion of healthcare programmes for the benefit of the community;
acting as the principal coordinating and negotiating body for sub-acute facilities in South Africa;
influencing the shaping of the healthcare environment to meet the needs and expectations of the community and to promote improvements to health reform, policy developments and legislation;
advancing the standards, image and role of sub-acute facilities in the healthcare environment of South Africa;
advancing professional conduct and efficiency and to improve remuneration and working conditions in sub-acute facilities;
encouraging involvement of sub-acute facilities in health promotion, education and in community upliftment and in general disseminating information to Members of the Association;
the Association shall not become involved in issues that would prejudice any Members, such as individual marketing and negotiating individual contracts with funders of healthcare for only certain sections of the Membership;
the Association shall continue to liaise with the Board of Health Funders and other central representative organisations of healthcare funders in order to resolve disputes, agree on interpretation, discuss matters of common interest, and all other issues as agreed to by the Members;
the Association shall investigate complaints and act as a mediator in dispute resolution arising from patient treatment, marketing strategies and any other matters as agreed to by the Members;
the Association shall market the competence and ability of its Members to the industry and to the broad public; and